What Makes NavExM, the Most Rewarding Crypto Exchange?

Besides offering zero trading charges and cashback rewards on each trade, NavExM also provides seamless trading experience. Further, the exchange possesses a unique trading engine making it a Next-Generation Crypto Exchange. The engine ensures all the transactions on the exchange route through the native utility token of NavExM, I.e., NavC. The trade settlement engine of NavExM will ensure that NavC encapsulates the traded pair value resulting in capital appreciation with each trade. The trading engine of NavExM makes it possible for the exchange to offer *zero transaction fees and *cashback rewards. Further, the cashback will be credited to the trader's wallet in the form of NavC, which will appreciate each time a trade happens on the Next-Generation Crypto Exchange.

NavExM community members can trade without trading fees and earn up to 0.10% of their trade value as cashback rewards on every trade.
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