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A pediatric heart (cardiac) surgeon has the understanding and experience to treat your child if your child needs surgery to repair a heart defect. The special treatment required to repair both congenital (existing at birth) and acquired heart defects in children is provided by pediatric heart surgeons.

In newborns, infants, and teenagers, as well as adults, pediatric heart surgeons treat complex congenital heart defects. The forms of heart disorders that are prevalent in adults are somewhat different from congenital heart defects. In small bodies, healing hearts poses an additional challenge. Pediatric heart surgeons have the unique abilities needed to provide even the youngest and smallest patients who need pediatric heart surgery with the safest treatment.

Do they need any special training?
Pediatric heart surgeons like Dr. Ashwani Bansal are physicians who have performed surgical procedures.

5 and ½ years of medical school at least
A general surgical residency program for 3 years
A 3-year program of cardiothoracic (heart/chest) residency that includes a variety of pediatric surgery cases exposure and hands on experience.
ICU management of over 12000 cardiac surgery patients including small kids.
Furthermore, by devoting a significant part of their practice to the treatment of infants, they gain considerable expertise.