New York State Security Guard Licensing

Training for Armed Guards
In addition to the unarmed New York State Security Guard Licensing, those seeking an armed security guard license must complete a 47-hour firearms training course. This course covers firearm safety, marksmanship, legal implications of carrying a weapon, and practical shooting exercises. Armed guards must also complete an 8-hour annual firearms training course to maintain their proficiency and license.

Application Process
The application process for a security guard license in New York State includes submitting a completed application form, proof of training completion, and undergoing fingerprinting for a background check. Applicants must also pay the required fees. This thorough vetting process ensures that only qualified individuals receive licenses.

License Issuance
Once the application is approved, the security guard license is issued. Licensees must carry this license at all times while on duty as proof of their credentials. The license includes the guard's name, photo, and license number, and must be presented upon request by law enforcement or employers.

Renewal Requirements
Security guard licenses in New York State must be renewed every two years. To renew their license, guards must complete an 8-hour annual in-service training course. This continuing education ensures that security personnel stay updated on the latest laws, technologies, and best practices in the industry.

Job Responsibilities
Licensed security guards are responsible for protecting property, deterring criminal activity, and ensuring the safety of individuals in their designated areas. Their duties may include monitoring security cameras, conducting patrols, controlling access to buildings, and responding to emergencies. They must act professionally and adhere to all legal and ethical standards.