Earth Day 2024: How can ad tech keep emissions down as temperatures rise?

Earth Day 2024: How can ad tech keep emissions down as temperatures rise? 
In ad land, data is being harnessed to make environmental challenges more manageable through ​setting and working towards shared environmental goals​. All tech firms that signed up for the Ad Net Zero initiative have now committed to net zero and near-term targets, with ​88%​ of supporting advertisers doing the same.   
But numbers alone don’t tell the full story of sustainable progress. To get a clearer picture, we asked leading ad tech experts for their views on current industry sentiment and plan for action.
Changing attitudes towards tech use  
Amid growing awareness of the environmental impact of advanced tools, industry players are recognizing both the potential for harm and the importance of harnessing tech responsibly. Sarah Whitfield, CMO at Covatic commented:​ 
“The technology industry has the power to transform the global environment with the invention and production of sustainable alternatives to everyday functions. But it also has the potential to do huge damage and deplete the Earth’s resources even further, if the companies involved aren’t committed to reducing their carbon footprint. 
“In the advertising technology industry specifically, there has been a huge shift towards sustainability, largely driven by consumer expectations. While there is still a way to go, it is reassuring to see businesses taking steps to explore green alternatives – both independently and through initiatives like the B Corp Certification.   

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