Discover the Hidden Treasures of the Goan Hinterland

Cozily nestled in the serene outdoors of South Goa, our Goan Hinterland experience invites you to explore the marvels of this lush, verdant region. Surrounded by greenery and spring waters, this adventure promises to reveal the mysteries and natural beauty of the Goan hinterlands.

On the Goan Hinterland Trail, you'll explore enigmatic caves and prehistoric carvings, such as the Rivona Caves, which are shrouded in mystery and historical intrigue. This journey also includes a visit to a local plantation where you'll forage nature's bounties and enjoy a delectable breakfast prepared by a local family – a culinary delight not found in any restaurant or cafe.

Additionally, the tour takes you to one of South Goa's most prominent temples, offering a glimpse into a bygone era with its fascinating stories and legends. To top it all off, you'll cool down in a refreshing freshwater stream, providing the perfect end to this immersive experience.

Tighten your seatbelts and join us for this roller coaster ride into Goa's hidden hinterlands and mysterious caves!

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