Dance and music classes in bhubaneswar for kids

Looking for a fun and creative way to introduce your child to the world of dance and music? Look no further than Hobbty Dobby!

At Hobbty Dobby, we offer dance and music classes for kids in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, that are designed to be both enjoyable and educational. Our classes are led by experienced and talented instructors who are passionate about sharing their love of dance and music with children.

Our dance classes cover a wide range of styles, from traditional Indian dances to contemporary and modern styles. Children will learn the basics of dance and develop their coordination, rhythm, and musicality. Our music classes cover a variety of instruments, including the keyboard, guitar, and drums, and provide children with a solid foundation in music theory and practice.

With our safe and welcoming environment, modern facilities, and child-friendly amenities, we provide a fun and engaging learning experience for children to discover their talents and express themselves through dance and music.

So why wait? Sign up your child for dance and music classes at Hobbty Dobby, and watch as they develop their skills, gain confidence, and enjoy the wonderful world of dance and music!