Best Strech Marks Removal Treatment in Durgapur

What are stretch marks?
One kind of scar that appears when our skin contracts or expands rapidly is a stretch mark. The collagen and elastin that support our skin rupture as a result of the sudden change. Stretch marks usually occur when the skin heals.
These thin skin bands don't appear on everyone. Hormonal fluctuations usually appear to be involved. Additionally, if any members of your family have stretch marks, you may have a higher chance of getting them.
Let’s look at the reason behind the appearance of stretch marks:
Stretch marks are most likely to appear during the following periods:
1. It may happen during puberty growth.
2. Being pregnant
3. Quick weight gain or loss
4. Weightlifting when your muscles are growing quickly
Understanding the stretch mark stage is crucial before deciding whether to seek treatment. Let's examine the various kinds of stretch marks:
1. Early Stage: When the skin stretches during pregnancy, stretch marks, which resemble red lines, are common at this stage.
2. The Visible Stage: At this point, stretch marks become purple and are typically the result of skin tissue starting to stretch.
3. The Final Stage: At this point, the collagen fiber is breaking down, which is why the stretch marks look white or silver.
What are the non-surgical options available to get rid of stretch marks?
1. Secret PRO refine: To eliminate stretch marks, a cutting-edge procedure known as Secret PRO refine is applied. This procedure uses microneedling technology to enhance collagen production and revitalize the skin, thereby safely reducing the appearance of stretch marks.
2. CO2 Laser: Stretch marks are said to vanish, and the skin becomes tighter after using the CO2 laser. Stretch marks are permanently eliminated when the carbon dioxide laser removes the damaged skin layer and regenerates new skin cells that even out the texture of the skin.