Author: Valvesonly Europe

Available materials: Cast iron, Ductile iron, SS304, SS316, Carbon steel(Wcb, Wcc, wc9, wc6), SS316L, Duplex steel(F51,F53,5A,4A,6A) Size: 2” to 72” Class: 150 to 300 Nominal Pressure: PN6 to PN25 Ends: Wafer, Lug, Flanged Operations: Gear... Read More

Description- • Available Materials: SS304, SS316, CF8M, F51, F53, F55, Aluminum bronze, Cast Iron and Ductile Iron, Carbon steel(WCB, WCC,WC6, LCB, LF2, WC9 • Class: 150 to 2500 • Nominal Pressure: PN10 to PN450 • Size: 1/2” to... Read More

Valvesonly is the leading Gate Valve Manufacturer . A gate valve is a type of valve that controls the flow of liquids and gases by using a gate, which moves... Read More

• Body Materials: CF8, CF8M,Cast Iron, Wcb, Wcc, wc6,wc9, Ductile Iron, SS304, SS316,CF8M, SS316L, SS904L, Duplex Steel (F51,F53,5A,4A,6A), Super Duplex steel[55] • Class:150 to 2500 , PN10-PN450 • Size: 1/2” to 24” • End Connection :Socket weld... Read More