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The Hoshin Kanri matrix, also known as Hoshin Planning or Policy Deployment, is a strategic planning and management methodology originating from Japan. It aims to align an organisation's strategic goals... Read More

A Balanced Scorecard is a tool for measuring strategic performance. It provides a holistic view of an organisation's activities, aligning them with its strategic goals and objectives. It has four... Read More

The huddle board is a streamlined visual management tool to improve team communication, collaboration, and task tracking. It consists of columns representing different stages of work and task cards that... Read More

The SQDC Lean and SQDC Visual Management Huddle Board are tools commonly used in lean manufacturing and process improvement methodologies to enhance operational efficiency and communication within a team or... Read More

Predictive maintenance uses data analysis and advanced technology to anticipate equipment failures and enable proactive maintenance. It aims to prevent unplanned downtime, optimise maintenance schedules, and reduce operational disruptions. When... Read More

A Breakdown Management CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) system is a specialised software solution designed to handle and streamline the management of equipment breakdowns within an organisation. It combines the... Read More

Work order management is crucial for efficiently planning, scheduling, executing, and tracking maintenance and repair tasks within an organisation. It is especially important in industries with complex equipment, facilities, or... Read More

Marine CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) software is a specialised technology designed to streamline and optimise maintenance operations in the maritime industry. It is used by marine companies, shipyards, and... Read More

Process Confirmation in Lean: Process confirmation is a crucial aspect of lean manufacturing that focuses on verifying whether standardised work processes are currently being executed correctly and consistently. It is... Read More

TCard Online: TCard Online refers to a digital system that provides a virtual version of the traditional T-card system. The T-card system is a visual management tool that tracks tasks,... Read More