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The unique composition of Paskaflex combines two great properties: – Protection of the cartilage matrix: an ideal blend of Glucosamine, Chondroïtin and MSM combined with vegetable extracts and trace elements (copper,... Read More

Lixotinic Vitamin-Iron Supplement for Horses, Cats and Dogs; A vitamin and mineral supplement that contains iron, copper, five B-complex vitamins and liver paste, which furnishes essential amino acids. Use as... Read More

“Superior attention to detail is what sets Reinsman apart. The tree is a design I helped develop more than 20 years ago. It fits a wide range of horses, and... Read More

Flexanib Portable Equine Nebulizer System is a device used in veterinary medicine to produce an extremely fine mist of aerosol drugs. Easy to use and convenient, this system allows for... Read More

The hard-working Kensington Platinum Protective Fly Sheet is designed in the SureFit cut, blending both European and traditional styles. SureFit is perfect for a wider range or ‘hard-to-fit’ horses, offering... Read More

PowerPro Ultra Cordless Clipper with No. 10 Blade has the same powerful and professional cutting performance that Oster is known for, in an easy-to-use, lighter, longer-lasting cordless model. Provides the... Read More

BioFit Correction Horse Saddle Pad is specifically designed to support the front of the saddle from collapsing in the area behind the shoulder as a result of muscle loss, poor... Read More

Horse Memory Foam Pad with Faux Fur is filled with memory foam and moulds after the horse’s back and saddle. This ensures an optimal fit, improves pressure distribution and thus... Read More

The Stackable Gamma2 Vittles Vault is just right for keeping your pet food fresh! Made of heavy duty plastic and a stackable design for efficient storing, they are completely airtight... Read More

Small Trailering Equine First Aid Kit includes 43 different products and 153 items. 10″ H x 7″ W x 16″ L. EquiMedic provides unique first aid kits for everyone from... Read More