AMP Pigment Manufacture and Export Pearlescent Pigments for Various Industries

AMP Pigments’ manufactures pearlescent pigments that are not bound to one area or one sector. Their flexibility and effects have made them a staple in different industries around the world. Italy, Nepal, Algeria, Kenya and many other countries businessmen use our premium pearl pigments in their cosmetics, Automotive, Plastics, Coatings, Printing and Packaging visit our website: and
Here an overview about it:
Cosmetics: Our company SP Colour & Chemicals’ Pearl pigments are number one product in the cosmetics business. They add a sparkle to eyeshadows, lipsticks, and nail polishes. The fine particles of our pearl pigment powder guarantee a smooth application and a brilliant wrap up, improving the general style of restorative items.
Automotive: In the automotive industry, our pearl pigments are used in paints to give vehicles a top notch, eye-getting look. The intelligent properties of these pearl effect pigments give profundity and shine, causing vehicles to show up more powerful and engaging.
Plastics and Coatings: From household items to modern items, Indian origin pearl pigments are used to improve the artistry of plastic items and coatings. They give a sturdy and appealing completion that is impervious to wear and natural elements.
Printing and Packaging: The print and packaging industries use Iridescent pigment, opalescent pigment, silver pearl pigment or gold pearl pigments to make striking marks and packaging materials. The sparkling impact of these pearlized pigments assists items with standing apart on the racks, drawing in shopper consideration.

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